Numbers Game

A census from the UN placed the world’s population at 7 billion in 2011. Best estimate at the time of this post is 7.6 billion in 2017.

Darshana and I needed to be at a point in our life where we would be open to getting to know each other across the Pacific ocean (she in Malaysia and i, in Los Angeles)… I don’t even know how to quantify that… but say out of the 30 years (till we’d met), that makes it 9.47 x 108 ((30 x 365 + 12) x 24 x 602) possible seconds. Of those possible seconds take your pick on how many possible seconds in your life you would have a real opportunity to get to know someone. An opportunity that would blossom into a friendship where you would divulge so much more than you could ever imagine to another human being; oh and your opportune moment and theirs have to be in sync…

It all boils down to this – there’s one of her and one of me.

No small feat God. Well done and thank You!

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