So what drew us together?

She’s an amazing photographer; I have no clue what I do when I take a photo. She loves kids; I tolerate kids too! She’s got an amazing voice. Mine’s ok I guess. She plays music (veena); I can make some noise. She’s a writer; I… am not. She does artwork; I appreciate art. She’s spiritually inclined; I would like to think I am too.

Okay… when said like that she sounds amazing! She is… just don’t tell her too often. 

The question of what has had me utterly and irrevocably in love with Darshana is an easy one to ask… but there isn’t enough time for me to list every single quality, enough words to describe how she makes me feel – and even such a comprehensive list could not capture in totality the how or why?

The answer to the question of how we were drawn together is a simple one (God) but may require more background…

We’re both visual people. So we use the same social platform. I noticed her visuals in relation to her spiritual discipline – one that I share – and thought “wow! that person is amazing!” There are fantastic teachers in our SSE (spiritual education programme) but all the other things are what drew me to Darshana. At that time I didn’t even know who she was, where she lived or that she was even a she.

After a little interaction on each other’s posts, we started speaking with more frequency. Then came the Sai Youth Festival and the pace of our conversations picked up. We would chat, we would share. We spilled ourselves into each other’s lives.

After we realised how much we meant to each other, it didn’t take long to make sure our parents were aware and the best part – see each other. In India. A festival celebrating spirituality. Celebrating teachings of our guru.

In hindsight, we’ve probably spent more quality time because we had so little physical time together in those initial days. We’re still an ocean away, but that’ll change soon.

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