How I Met My Husband

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-09 at 3.45.57 PM

This is how it all started, in December 2015.

An exchange of comments, on an Instagram image. My long-term affair with the camera makes me gravitate towards everything visually stimulating. Images speak a language deeper than words to me.

His images – in a way not many understand – actually reflect who he is.

We moved from Instagram to Google Hangout, and after a while it was pretty clear that this was not just a regular conversation between two people getting to know each other across the ocean.

The day I knew I was going to end up marrying Bala wasn’t any earth shattering, dawning of light moment. It happened while I was driving to Bangsar one day for dinner. As I turned right at the junction, the thought came as regularly as any thought would, “you’re going to end up marrying this guy.”

The only difference was – it was a clear, steady voice. No second thoughts, no doubts. Hmm. Okay 🙂

The rest of the story was also nothing out of the ordinary – we decided to let our parents know, meet in Prasanthi Nilayam for the first time, and meet the parents. Six months after that, we made a decision to have a quiet engagement ceremony in KL (view the pics under Memoirs), and in July this year we got legally married.

We haven’t had enough time together, in person. Most of our time together is on the phone…or Skype. Thankfully, technology has given us the gift of togetherness even while we are apart. Seeing his face, even if it’s through a screen makes me feel like I’m coming home to myself, if that makes sense. We never had any ‘meeting the one’ story, falling head over heels in love, or honeymoon periods of dizziness. It simply happened, easily and comfortably.

Conversations with Bala are separated by oceans and timezones, usually limited to the day’s events and possibilities of the future. Mostly, it’s about understanding current life experiences and focusing on the bigger picture, spiritually and practically.

He’s really the voice of calm in the storms that I am, and that I experience. Clarity when I am confused. Strength when I have depleted in that department. And an abundance of Love. That’s what Bala is.

He inspires me to be better everyday, and reminds me to be exactly as I am. I look forward to this beautiful life together.

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