Responsible and Ethical expenditure

Ask anyone… weddings take up a considerable amount of time and money.

So how can couples be okay with the expense?

Darshana and i have opted for the sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. From printing invitation cards on FSC-certified paper (when electronic invites wouldn’t do for some of our guests) to ensuring that the caterer who would distribute leftover food from the wedding to the needy, we’ve made our best efforts to choose carefully. But there still was a feeling of waste for an event… no, a brief (albeit celebratory) moment of our lives. Darshana loves to question the norm, so when she asked: “why not donate the money instead of giving door gifts?” It seemed like a no-brainer!

We’ve spent quite some time evaluating the causes close to our hearts. And after a lot of revisions upon revisions, we finally settled on three!

International Rescue Committee

The Humane League

The ALS Association

It was heartrending to keep our selection to just three, but important that the wedding donation be impactful. And of course, we will continue to donate to our different charities annually. But this… this feels right.

Feel free to read up on the 3 charities we picked, the names link to their sites.

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